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Do you want your audience to see what you offer as soon as they click on your site? No more waiting

User Experience

Your products in the right place

We'll help you make your site easy to navigate. Your products, your content. At your users' fingertips

Looks matter

Have a gorgeous site

Present your offers on a pleasant, clear, easy to navigate site

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We listen to you

Every question you have is answered pronto. Every issue you have we solve

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  • Is your site slow? We are happy to make it blazing fast to load and surf

  • All your great products are hard to find? We'll make your site clear and accessible for all your customers

  • Does your site look great on a desktop, but your users can't read it on their mobile? Let us take care of making a mobile site

  • You want all these features and you don't want the hassle fo managing everything? Let us host your site, and reach us any time for support

User Experience


Mobile and Desktop Design


Hosting your new site


Site Optimization


Customer Support


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48% Of People Say Site Design Influences Credibility

Why Not Have Your Product Presented In A Way People Will Trust?

We Are Blu Frame

Are We What Your Brand Needs?

We started Blu Frame because we want to make your site look good, run fast and be a joy for your users

Looks matter

Have a gorgeous site

Design? We go through dozens every day. Every site finds the right look

We Are Cool Nerds

Have a gorgeous site

Design? We go through dozens every day. Every site finds the right look

We Are Passionate

We love doing what we do

Give us a brand that only exists on paper, and we are going to make it flourish on a gorgeous site

Every deadline? Met

We Are Professionals

It is about delivering our services to our clients. We deliver everything our clients need. And we do it on time

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62% Of Companies That Designed Their Site For Mobile Increased Their Sales

Why Not Increase Your Sales Too?

And Who Is The

Founder Of Blu Frame?

The driving force behind Blu Frame and his decade long work to make better sites for you

  • Edoardo L'Astorina

Edoardo L'Astorina

CEO / Founder

Be as proud of your site as you are proud of your products

Edoardo L'Astorina has 15 years of experience in software development

Edoardo has had a major role in the new Transport for London site and led the development of the new Royal Opera House site.

Edoardo has developed sites and apps for Intuit, Stint, JPC, The Crocodile and Miura

Edoardo started Blu Frame to help companies develop sites that stand out, load fast and are easy for users to access

Edoardo is passionate about risotto, Terrence Malick movies, Oasis songs and rowing



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