Blu Frame

Cantina della Volta

A new look for fine wines


Multi award winning winemaker Cantina della Volta never had a problem making fine wine. That came natural. What didn't come natural was... having an online presence that represented their outstanding product

So they approached us at Blu Frame and asked us to do a complete maker over to their site. Design, user experience and optimization

And mobile had to be a priority


We designed the site with a mobile first mindset

Every picture of the Cantina della Volta products, their premises and their vineyard had to fit perfectly on a smartphone screen. The menu, the product details, the social media links and the Google Maps location had to be reachable from a single swipe

Once our liason at Cantina della Volta was happy with the mobile design, we proceeded with tablet and desktop designs

And we optimzed every HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript with our Blu Frame toolkit and hosted it on our Snowflakes platform to make their page load blazing fast

Date 2014-12-10
Client Cantina della Volta
  • Design
  • User Experience
  • Optimization