Blu Frame


Fast performance for hundreds of thousands of users


An international stock news site. Over 2,000 informational articles. And a complete redesign

This is what Juniorstocks approached us at Blu Frame with. They wanted a new CMS, a brand new look and feel for their site and a platform that allowed them to deliver their news to their hundreds of thousands of users

And everything had to load fast


At Blu Frame we created a custsom CMS to suit Juniorstocks needs

We made their performance very very fast by tweaking our cache layers and offered tailored Javascript on our Blu Frame toolkit

Then we worked every day on dozens of design iterations till everything on page matched all their needs

And now their many subscribers enjoy daily stock news with a fresh look and feel and a performance to match

Date 2021-06-16
Client Juniorstocks
  • Optimization
  • Design
  • User Experience