Blu Frame

Dendelion Blu Studios

A crisp and fresh media site


Dendelion Blu Studios wanted a complete remodel of their site

They asked us at Blu Frame to come up with a few design options that were striking, simple, and put their media work at the heart of the site

And they asked us to make their site look really good


We presented Dendelion Blu Studios with 4 options that were simple and elegant and recommended we redesigned the site as a Single Page App

Once they settled on a design we built the site, made changes until they were happy and we depolyed it and hosted it on our Blu Frame platform

We also made sure we minified all their JavaScripts, HTML5 and CSS3 with our Blu Frame toolkit and hosted it on our Snowflakes cloud platform

In 4 weeks a pretty, high-performing media site was ready for Dendelion Blu Studios audience to enjoy

Date 2015-01-10
Client Dendelion Blu Studios
  • Design
  • User Experience